Corina Werode (née Stoneside)
Corina Grave
The Grave of Corina Werode








38 (died at 24)


Nimren Werode (husband)
Rimgen Werode (father-in-law)
Ayanya Werode (mother-in-law)
Atriá Werode (sister-in-law)
Gurple Werode (uncle-in-law)
Théoden Werode (son)


Grand Alliance





Corina Werode (née Stoneside) was the late wife of Nimren Werode and loving mother of Théoden Werode.


She was born in Goldshire to a poor family and went to school in Stormwind City where she met Nimren Werode, a shy boy in her class who became her best friend.

Mrs. WerodeEdit

On the night before the Stormwind Ball, Nimren asked Corina if she'd like to go with him. She suggested that they should stay friends at first but later agreed to become his girlfriend. Over the years they got closer and closer together until one day when they were 19, Nimren proposed to her. They then got married at the Cathedral in Stormwind. A year later she gave birth to a son who they named Théoden.


One while at the Lion's Pride Inn with Nimren, baby Théo and family friends, the Defias Brotherhood raided the pub and killed many citizens. Corina was kidnapped by the bandits, put on their horse and taken to their camp. At the camp they ordered her to stand on a stool under a tree and a noose was placed around her neck. Nimren ran after the bandits to get his love back but was too late. The last thing Corina saw was her husband a few feet away from her pleading the bandits to let her go as the stool was kicked away and died as she gasped for air. She was later buried in the Goldshire Cemetery.

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